Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers' Circus

Ed greets the crowd at the
Cole Bros. Circus


George riding high in the Cole Bros. Circus parade

George is used to shoveling it!


I guess George is boring the lion

Ed and George open the show



Liz thinks Ed is irresistible. Wow! Does she need glasses or what?


The clown make-up will be a big improvement. Lay it on heavy!



Pam from American Computer Technologies and Ed march in the parade and let the crowd at the circus know about


It looks like Nancy could use a good pair of glasses too!


"Yesterday"s Memories" clowns, George and Ed, "live"(that's a matter of opinion) at the Cole Brothers' Circus just before showtime

"Make-a-Wish" Benefit Dance 2002

We want to thank all those involved in the dance for their efforts:The Driving Guitars, Avenue-X, Victoria Larusso, Al Larusso, Brookstreet, Scott Douglas and the Memphis Connection, The GINAMARK Band, The 5 G's, Pat Benti, George Denham, Steve Walsh Sound, Brandon Prinzo, Larry Nelson, Richie Mahanor, those people who donated items for the auctions and raffles, and especially all those who attended. The Make-a-Wish Foundation grants wishes of seriously and terminally ill children. You can feel proud having been a part of this year's event.

The "Make-a-Wish Dance and fund-raiser for 2002 was an outstanding success, raising over $16,000.
Ed and George MC the event. Ed's asking everyone to buy one of the Ed and George doll shirts.
The Driving Guitars opened the show. Man, are they great!
Ron from the Driving Guitars just saw George. That would upset anyone.
Avenue-X did an outstanding job as usual. Their acapella sound is unequaled
Pat Benti is a well-known talent formally lead of Pat Benti and the Sh-Boom band. His performance was exceptional. What else would you expect?
Scott Douglas and the Memphis Connection did themselves proud!
Victoria Larusso is only nine years old but this was her second year at the Make-a-Wish dance. She's quite the talent and she already has a CD available. Wow!!
Karleigh is talking with Pat Benti and Scott Douglas during rehearsal.
Steve Walsh and Shaylin"Seal 2" Walsh at rehearsal.


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