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As you can see from seeing our flyer above, the March 23rd show is a real winner. We hope to see all you folks that night. Stop by and say hi. We love meeting our listeners and fellow oldies lovers

The Realoldies "Live" show in Lowell, Mass. on October 2nd was fabulous. The response from the crowd was so rewarding to us who produced the event. We expect that this is only the beginning with regard to shows. Watch this site for info on upcoming shows, not only those produced by Ed and Bil, but also those presented by Todd Baptista.



The night before the show, Ed, Bill, Freddy and Jeanette Cannon, Dave and Doris Thompson, as well as Jeff and Tommy Vee went out for dinner. Everyone was very quiet and reserved. Sure they were!!
David Thompson of denbo-Thompson Productions opened the show in Lowell. He was, to say the least, a live wire on stage.
The Bobbettes, who hadn't been in the Boston area in decades, opened the show. Everyone commented on how great they were.
The Bobbettes posed for a picture with Bill during the VIP buffet before the show. I think it ruined the girls' appetite.
Freddy Cannon was his usual rockin' self on stage that night. He's a real crowd pleaser.
Freddy ,Cheryl, and Dave slow down for a minute backstage. Cheryl was backstage manager for the night. She sure kept things going smoothly.
Jack Scott is a favorite with many people. a lot of folks came that night to see him.
Jack had so many hits, he could go on for hours doing his great songs. He never disappoints.
Judy Craig Mann and the Chiffons sounded fabulous. You might have thought someone was playing one of their records
Judy and the girls are so pleasant. Quite a change from Ed and Bill. Just kidding!
Bobby Vee and the Killer Vees closed the show. It was sure a great way to end a super night.
Tommy Vee, who of course is one of Bobby's sons, is the bass player for the group. He also does advance work for Bobby in the weeks leading up to show night.
Bill, Dave and Ed stop for a few minutes during intermission. We tried to keep them away from the fans. They can be a little scary, you know.
Cher, Kendall, Dave and Joel trying to look busy. Didn't work!!
Bobby Vee signed autographs after the show. He's a very accomodating. He really enjoys meeting his fans.
Ed and Bill hosted the show. They had as much fun as those attending.
Ed and Dave spent a lot of time with Jack. He is a great guy.
Backstage, Ed caught up with Kendall, formally of the Tutti-Fruittis. She is also Ed's grand-daughter
Dave got caught signing an autograph for a fan. Looks like Dave has the show business bug.
It was an honor having the well-known DJ Little Walter join us. Notice how Ed and Bill are keeping Walter from getting away.
Joining Ed, Little Walter and Bill is Todd Baptista. Todd is the well-known producer of the Doo-Wop shows at the Zeiterion Theater in New Bedford, Mass.
Back at the hotel after the show, Jack Scott, Tommy Vee, and Freddy Cannon take a little time to unwind.
Ed and Bill and all those involved would like to thank all those who attended. This was the first of, what we plan, will be many more shows. Ed, Bill, and Dave are looking into venues in many areas. Watch for info. Thanks again!


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