Yesterday's Memories Road Jackets
These high quality road jackets are identical in style to the ones worn by Ed and George and the entire Yesterday's Memories entourage. They come in navy blue, red, green,and black in sizes from small to XXL and also youth sizes s to L. They are also available in two different weights-flannel lined summer weight or a heavier quilted lined winter weight. You may also have your jacket embroidered with your name on the front at no extra charge.

. Youth quilt lined $87.50, adult quilt lined $90.00, flannel lined $85.00. Add $3.00 for XXL. $8.00 each s&h

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"Rock and Roll Graffiti" video

This is a sampler containing twelve performances from the Rock and Roll Graffiti series as seen on national T.V. There are a total of five volumes available. This is a great introduction to the Graffiti series.Very enjoyable. $16.00 plus $3.00 s&h

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Ed and George 8x10 promo picture
This photo shows the two "misfits of rock and roll" at their best---which, by the way, isn't saying much. In an emergency, this picture may be used as a dart board.
$2.00 including shipping
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Here's the ultimate bumper sticker. Show the world that you listen to Ed and George and "Yesterday's Memories" Now that I think about it, maybe you'll be showing the world that you're not wrapped too tight! Oh what the heck, display it and have fun!!!
$2.00 including s&h

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"Yesterday's Memories" hats
These hats with embroidered logo are worn by only the most astute of oldies aficionados(whatever that means)
$10.00 plus $2.00 S&H
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Drink Holders
Here's the coolest way to keep those canned drinks just that - COOL. These foam drink holders will keep your drink at a nice cool temperature while you sit and listen to "Yesterday's Memories"
$3.00 includes S&H
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Elvis button

This great button is made from an authentic U.S. stamp and will demonstrate that you're a true Elvis fan.

$1.50 including s&h

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